Zelina Vega Stuns at New York Fashion Week with Trendsetting Ensemble

Zelina Vega, whose star has been steadily rising since her return to WWE in 2022, is not just a WWE Superstar but a fashionista as well. Therefore, she decided to flaunt her skills with her latest New York Fashion Week outfit.

Vega is not just a wrestling sensation but also a budding YouTube personality. Her YouTube journey has been a fun and nerdy one, as she proudly dubs herself the “boujee weeb” due to her love for pop culture, including anime and video games.

If there is someone in WWE who knows how to make a statement with her style sense, that is certainly Zelina Vega. As such, she took to her Instagram and uploaded several photos of herself wearing a custom-made outfit for New York Fashion Week.

”Can take the Boricua outta New York but can’t take the New York outta THIS BORICUA! Thank you so much @theblondsny@phillipeblond@davidblond & @crunchyroll for @maddiemarissa and I’s amazing day at #NYFW !! Living my wildest boujee weeb dreams ☁️ ✨🇵🇷”



Zelina Vega also recently inked long-term deal with WWE, securing her future with the company. Fans will undoubtedly be eager to see what exciting endeavors the “boujee weeb” has in store next.

What’s your view on Zelina Vega’s outfit? Do you feel her fashion skills are truly unmatched in WWE? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

February 11, 2024 1:28 pm