‘We always want our runway to be compelling’: Fashion show for a cause


MIDTOWN, Manhattan (PIX11) — In a dazzling display of fashion, philanthropy, and entertainment, New York Fashion Week took center stage at the Nebula nightclub Saturday to support a non-profit aimed at helping those with developmental disabilities.

Nebula became the epicenter of style and glamour as it transformed into a mesmerizing catwalk. The latest trends from designers took over the runway as reality star Jordan Kimball from The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise hosted the show. 

“We were able to make it work with a large guest count and all the lights and screens and energy of the crowd it’s really it’s been a very memorable night,” Kimball said. 

The theme of the night was diversity and inclusion as a variety of models of all shapes and sizes strutted down the runway.

“We always want our runway to be compelling, to be current, to be what the world is represented of and that means everybody,” said Creative Director Richard Lowe. “We want you here, we want you front and center, and we want you to grow up in the world where you feel special.”

A celebrity performance by rapper King Combs also captivated the audience.

“It’s always a blessing to be outside for fashion week,” Combs said. “I feel like music and fashion go hand-in-hand for me and I love both.”

The show put on by Supermodels United Magazine, in partnership with MISS USA, went beyond the realm of fashion, supporting the mission of Best Buddies International — a nonprofit that creates opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. The organization was awarded a $4,000 check to help support their cause. 

“Funding always supports what we’re doing,” said Sophie Dubuisson of Best Buddies International. “It allows us to keep moving our mission forward. We can open more school chapters, we can find more jobs for people with disabilities, we can help people make more friends, so it makes a huge impact.” Organizers are hoping the show can speak to current and future generations of women, reminding them that fashion can be a powerful force for inclusivity.