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Update Your Wardrobe With These Catwalk-Inspired Spring 2023 Trends

A new fashion week is over, and that means there are new styles to follow. Even though the next round of international runway shows might be a few months away, there are plenty of new styles to try out in the meantime. Canadian tuxedos, elegant grunge, and monochromatic moments were all big hits at this season’s shows, as predicted, but micro miniskirts and disco ball gowns were a pleasant surprise.

In the following, we have compiled seven of the most noteworthy trends for Spring/Summer 2023, as seen in some of our favorite fashion weeks. Discover the season’s must-have items that will be worn by your favorite designers, models, and editors from New York to Milan and beyond!


1. Plus Size Denim Look Print Zip Up Top & Pants Set


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Canada’s tuxedos are classic, whether you like them or not. Full denim looks were all the rage this season, with frayed and oversized cuts leading the pack. Don’t be scared to channel your inner Gigi Hadid and put denim on denim this season. To proceed, please do so. We approve of this.


2. Pocket Tied Baggy Cargo Pants


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Looks like the ’90s are making a comeback, and we can’t wait to start dressed like our favorite icons from that period (without the thin brows, of course). A little fringe, some tight pleather trousers, and some hefty jewelry are all you need to pull off this outfit. To complete your Nirvana-inspired look, apply a brownie lip gloss.


3. Waffle Knit Lapel Collar Crop Blazer & Shorts Set


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It turns out that wearing only one color is trendy, as evidenced by Stella McCartney’s rainbow-hued catwalk and the sea of guests wearing monochromatic ensembles at fashion week. This style shift also simplifies daily wardrobe decisions. Pick a voice and stick with it; then you’ll be ready to take on the world.


4. Pocket Double Breasted Maxi Trench Coat


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The moment has come to make way for trench coats reminiscent of those worn by Sherlock Holmes, replacing the enormous blazers of the past. The latest “it” layer is a structured plaid dad coat or a beige buttoned trench, both of which take a leaf from the detective’s playbook.


5. Metallic Long Sleeve Skinny Jumpsuit


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At this season’s fashion month, bright neon colors and prints were all the rage on the runways and streets. Dressing like a glowstick is surprisingly fashionable, as evidenced by the sighting of none other than Kim Kardashian in a neon attire. It’s consistent with Kylie Jenner’s preferred Barbiecore style, and we understand it.