Top 9 Cardigans To Buy In 2023

These are the top 9 cardigans you need to buy this year 2023. They’re so cozy you’ll never want to take them off.

Year every year, my anticipation for sweater weather grows stronger. I anticipate the first cool night with near-rabid enthusiasm and dread the day I have to face the music and pack away my comfortable cardigans for the season because even in the hottest part of summer, I can’t help but fantasize about the soft embrace of my favorite cardigan. This is how I feel, and I know I’m not alone.

Overall, I love this time of year because cardigans, which are such timeless transitional pieces, make me feel cozy. Indeed, a large number of people share this view. Cardigans are incredibly popular, so the variety of styles available may seem limitless (which is both a blessing and a curse). We did the heavy lifting for you and found the greatest cardigans for every body type and price point so you can have the best sweater season ever. Find the perfect cardigan for you on our list, whether you’re looking for a timeless piece or the latest fashion. We included ten wonderful sweaters, but Bloomchic’s Cardigan stood out for its exceptional quality and beautiful style.

These nine cardigans are top-notch options whether you’re looking for a new wardrobe staple or a conversation starter.

1.Striped Pointelle Knit Button Side Pocket Open Front Cardigan


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This cardigan, knitted from 80 percent lambswool and designed to feel like a warm embrace, is ideal for the cooler days of late autumn and winter.

The extra front pockets give dimension to the otherwise basic design and are convenient for warming your hands on a cool day. The cardigan’s heftier fabric also provides stability, so it won’t stretch out as time passes. The classic style guarantees that it will remain a reliable go-to piece for years to come.

2. Plain Pointelle Knit Button Front Loose Cardigan


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Finding a cheap cardigan shouldn’t be hard. There’s no ridiculously high price tag, and it’s warm and stylish.

Wear it over a dress or with your gym gear. The cardigan may be worn in a variety of ways and looks excellent with any outfit. However, take care while washing, as machine washing might cause pilling. Instead, consider having it dry cleaned.

3. Colorblock Contrast Pointelle Knit Button Front Cardigan


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You won’t regret investing in this cardigan. Bloomchic, known for their one-of-a-kind silhouettes and artistically-inspired designs, has made the humble cardigan into wearable art.

Try layering the cardigan over a tank top or bralette, or even going braless. It’s worth noting that you can also wear this cardigan open, although I found it very challenging to undo the clasps at first.

4. Leopard Knitted Jacquard Pocket Open Front Cardigan


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You can’t go wrong with a cardigan that makes you feel like you’re wearing a blanket. This praline-colored cardigan is perfect for the fall and winter months, whether you want to spend them at home or out and about.

5. Bandana Geometric Pointelle Knit Contrast Button Front Cardigan


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Looking to increase the tension? The standard cardigan has been remixed into this Bandana Geometric Pointelle Knit Contrast Button Front Cardigan. This cardigan will quickly become a closet staple due to its versatility (we wear it to the office, on the town, and whenever we want to look our best).

Some might find this too fancy for everyday wear, but there are no limitations when it comes to accessorizing with it; you can dress up a simple outfit like a white tank and jeans by throwing this on top, or you can give your little black dress that extra something.

6. Ombre Pointelle Knit Pocket Button Front Cardigan


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Such a warm and roomy sweater exists only in your imagination. All the bells and whistles are included: It’s soft and stretchy, with loose, ballooned sleeves and a roomy, accommodating cut. Although the loose, comfortable fit is a major selling point, we suggest sizing down if you’re not a fan of the big look.

7. Soft Pointelle Knit Pocket Belted Open Front Cardigan


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A fitted cardigan is a way to go if you find yourself drowning in loose clothing. This cardigan may be worn to the office or on a lazy weekend with your favorite pair of jeans.

8. Plain Pointelle Knit Ties Zipper Hooded Cardigan


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It is not necessary to dread getting dressed for work each morning. The stylish style may be worn to the office without sacrificing comfort.

9. Plain Pointelle Knit Pocket Button Front Mid Long Cardigan


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This simple, oversized cardigan will never go out of style. This one looks great with a plain white tee and blue denim, and it has a classic row of buttons down the front. This choice is wonderful since it can be worn in every season and with any outfit, from a winter coat over a sweater to a spring blazer over a little dress.

Something to Remember:


Cardigans are available in an almost infinite array of materials due to their adaptability. Our fashion experts concur, however, that you should prioritize warmer materials such as cotton and wool mixes. On warmer days, I prefer to wear a cotton cardigan, but on colder days, I prefer to wear wool. Reformation Made from organic cotton, the Elke Cotton Cardigan is thinner and more breathable, perfect for unexpectedly warm fall days. Chan recommends merino wool, alpaca wool, or cashmere cardigans if you’re looking for something softer and warmer. It’s likely all in one’s head, but the higher the price tag, the more at ease you’ll feel.


Like many other aspects of fashion, the length of your cardigan can range from a new definition of “cropped” to “sweeping the floor,” depending on your taste. We chose a variety of cardigans, but most were either belt or hip-length since these are the most adaptable options.