This Manhattan gallery is showcasing the designers the cool kids are wearing

If you’re looking for an exhibit that will actually reflect the contemporary brands the cool kids in New York are wearing now, “The New Village: Ten Years of New York Fashion,” showcases designers from the past 10 years who have re-established New York as a global leader in experimental fashion from the ground up. 

The exhibit, which is located at Pratt Manhattan Gallery on 14th Street, drew inspiration from the fashion Institute of Technology’s iconic 1986 exhibit, “The East Village,” which highlighted smaller designers that have influenced and pushed the bounds of fashion in the city. 

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The show highlights how modern-day fashion doesn’t just confine itself to fabrics; the designers and artists on display aren’t afraid to toy with different mediums, whether it’s garments, videos, sculptures or even poetry, and emphasizes how the most impactful fashion is always in conversation with what’s happening in the culture.

Mannequins dress in beige, pink, and red outfits with matching outfits for their dogs.
Photograph: Courtesy of Pratt Manhattan Gallery

Among the designers highlighted in the exhibit are brands that had humble origins in New York club culture and other subcultures but found their way into the mainstream, including Luar, Telfar, Gauntlett Cheng, and others.

“This exhibition points to an alternative history to the commercialism that has traditionally defined New York’s fashion industry,” said curator Matthew Linde. “It emphasizes an amorphous group of practitioners who have reshaped the fashion capital from the fringes and whose influence has altered the global fashion scene.”

The gallery is open from Monday through Saturday from 11am-6pm and the exhibition will continue through March 16. 

Here are all the designers at “The New Village: Ten Years of New York Fashion.”

  • ALL-IN
  • Bernadette Corporation x SUPREME
  • Camilla Carper
  • CDLM
  • Susan Cianciolo
  • Eckhaus Latta
  • Gauntlett Cheng
  • Giovanna Flores
  • Lou Dallas
  • Luar
  • Jessi Reaves
  • SC103
  • Section 8
  • Beverly Semmes + CarWash Collective
  • Martine Syms
  • Telfar
  • Vaquera
  • Elena Velez
  • Women’s History Museum