This Collection of 4 Skunk Stripe Wig Haircuts Will Have You Slaying

Skunks may have an unpleasant odor, but their appearance is not to be regretted. Getting the lowdown on this unusual new hairstyle fad is on the agenda. If you want to learn more about skunk stripe hair, why it’s popular, and how it’s styled, keep reading!

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Animals and the natural world have long served as inspiration for human fashion. There is no shortage of animal-themed accessories, from leopard print to feathery hats. This occasionally results in genuinely fascinating patterns, and today we’ll examine one such example. Yes, skunk striped hair is all the rage right now. While the animal is notorious for its foul odor, its appearance is getting a lot of positive attention on social media.

In other words, skunk stripe hair is exactly what it sounds like: dark hair with a bright stripe running through it. Actually, it’s quite simple. In most cases, the stripe will be worn in front of the head when wearing a curtain hairstyle. However, the fundamental formula has a wide variety of applications.

Black hair with a white stripe will give you the most convincing skunk appearance. As you’ll discover in this manual, though, you’re not limited to that.

Here Are Four Totally Awesome Skunk Striped Wig Ideas


1. UNice Honey Blonde Skunk Stripe Loose Wave Lace Front Wig with Streaks in Front


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Take a look at the classic skunk stripe look that everyone is talking about on the internet. Black or dark brown serves as the base hue, while a white or grey stripe serves as a facial frame. Similar to a curtain cut, but with colorful curtains for a skunk stripe look.

2. UNice Skunk Stripe 13×4 Lace Front Body Wave Wig With Blonde Highlights


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This is a variation on the classic black and blonde skunk cut that makes use of blonde and dark brown hair instead. There is less of a sharp contrast between the two colors, but the result is a more relaxed aesthetic.

3. UNice 13×4 Lace Front Black With Blue Highlights Skunk Stripe Wig Blue Dream


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Dyeing one’s hair blue is a creative spin on the classic skunk makeover. The difference between the black and blue dyes is emphasized.

4. UNice Honey Blonde Skunk Stripe Lace Frontal Bob Human Hair Black Wig with Highlights #27 Colored Wig


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Skunk stripe hair’s contrasting colors might be overwhelming, but here’s a style that uses a less striking color scheme to achieve the same effect. The two-tone contrast is still there thanks to the use of warm hues, but the overall effect is considerably more laid-back and casual.

Skunk stripes are undeniably one of the most well-liked adult hairdos. You may avoid the shame of having to color your hair again if you don’t like the look after trying it out with a Skunk Stripes human hair wig.