These Pocketed Dresses Are Ideal For Lazy Days

Pocketed Dresses Are Ideal For Lazy Days

These pocketed dresses are ideal for lazy days! We appreciate it because it has pockets. You undoubtedly thought those exact words the second you read the headline, mentally preparing yourself for the onslaught of comments you’d receive if you wore one of these dresses. The truth is, no one would blame you if you did. We’re here to reassure you that, yes, you can have both gorgeous frocks and pockets; this is one of the many things that women just aren’t afforded by default (though admittedly not as much as equal pay and the like, we digress). Check out this list for your convenience. It’s important to remember that costs and supply levels can shift. However, pockets? There will always be a need for pockets.

Fill your closet with these no-hassle dresses that have convenient pockets:

1. Long Sleeve Dress Mock Button Elastic High Waist Pockets V Neck Casual Dress


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Dress up for the cold in this dress. It features simple styling and a forgiving fabric that makes it suitable for the office, shopping, and meetings.

2. Half Button Long Sleeve Shirt Dress


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Imagine a shirt dress—only better. This dress is constructed from a robust yet comfortable crisp cotton fabric that is finished with a glossy sheen for added visual punch.

3. Ditsy Floral Pockets Mock Button Mini A Line Dress


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Put on this dress and feel the holiday spirit. This flowery design is a charming twist on a classic style, and it comes in various colors and patterns, including a green that is suited for the holiday season without being too obvious, as well as a sweet light pink on black that can be worn year-round.

4. Swiss Dots Mini Dress Crochet Lace Ruffles Tulip Sleeve Dress Hidden Pocket V Neck Shift Dress


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Join the babydoll craze in this sweet dress. We really appreciate how it uses pastel, block hues to keep things lowkey.