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The Unbuttoned Pants Trend on Tiktok and in the Fashion World

It appears that many fashion designers, celebrities, and TikTok fans are keen to try out the unbuttoned pants trend this time around.

Many retro looks have made a comeback in 2022’s fashion, from the skirt-over-pants trend to the reappearance of cargo pants. The casual, unbuttoned pant aesthetic of the ’90s that has been seen on it-girls and runways alike has lately made a comeback.

It would be remiss not to mention the queen of R&B when discussing the style and culture of the ’90s. Aaliyah was an early adopter of the trend of wearing baggy pants and a loosened belt; this became one of her many defining fashion choices.

The loose spirit of the trend persisted throughout the 2000s, when low-rise waistlines were all the rage, but it faded away in the 2010s, when high waistlines became the norm for bottoms and bathing suits alike.

With the comeback of Y2K fashion trends, the undone look is back in style, and slimmer waistlines are just the beginning. In 2018, the trend was first spotted in supermodel Kendall Jenner, who was wearing loose-fitting white jeans with the buttons undone and the cuffs pushed down to reveal a bikini bottom. Brands like Fenty and Tom Ford, and others pushed the trend of bare hips that season.

Global celebrities kept up the fad this year, with Hwasa, a K-Pop star, even sporting the style in an airport. Hwasa is a member of the K-Pop girl group MAMAMOO, who pushed this to an extreme with the unbuttoned look featured in the music videos and performance stages for the songs “Dingga” and “Hip,” both of which make reference to the group’s fashion choices being discussed in the media.

A pair of unbuttoned pants was also spotted at Jacquemus’ Fall 2020 ready-to-wear show, proving that the style can be done with or without a low-rise pants. The models wore undone pairs of midrise pants over top of high-waisted matching sets and jumpsuits.

The number of celebrities seen following the trend has been growing recently. BLACKPINK’s Jennie Kim sported a flipped waist in a backstage vlog for her recent commercial with the Korean cosmetics company Tamburins. In addition to Madison Beer and Bella Hadid, this is another celebrity and TikToker favorite way to wear undone pants.

However, that’s not all of it. Millie Bobby Brown, star of the Netflix series Stranger Things, recently posted an Instagram photo of herself wearing unbuttoned blue jeans, proving that this style can be both classic and on-trend.

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Whether you like your pants buttoned or unbuttoned, it’s clear that the relaxed style of wearing them unbuttoned will continue to be popular.