The Finest Alternatives To Denim Shorts

The Finest Alternatives To Denim Shorts

Shorts are the perfect garment for the warmer months because they combine the ease of a skirt with the stability of pants. There is also a nice variety of cuts, colors, and lengths to choose from. Naturally, this makes finding your perfect pair a little bit difficult, so we consulted with industry insiders to compile a curated edit of the season’s finest alternatives to denim shorts.

You may rest assured that we have read countless reviews, combed the internet, and spoken with specialists in the fields of styling, modeling, and purchasing. This season, boxer shorts are a must-have, and a pair of lightweight cotton poplin shorts is our current favorite. While It Girl Camille Charrie bared all in a pair of micro tiny shorts, shopper Sophie Adams went for the entire ensemble by pairing hers with a matching blouse. The more demure among us can rejoice since Bermuda shorts are back in style, and the iconic (fake) leather city shorts are still very much in demand in the world of high fashion. Hurry up and get on the finalist list.

Here are some trendy options:

1. Solid Pocket Fake Button Elastic Waist Shorts


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Thanks to this relaxed style, the boxer short, packing for vacations has become much simpler. It has a masculine air about it that’s undeniable. In this version, you may choose from an abundance of colors and patterns, and it’s really lightweight so you can pack it in your carry-on.

2. Shirred Wide Waistband Pocket Shorts


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These timeless bottoms are an easy transition between safari shorts and fitted trousers. I’m trying to calm down. The perfect pair of pants for me would be slim yet still have enough room for a large lunch and sit comfortably all day.

3. Geo Print Pocket Drawstring Shorts


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Wear them to a boho party and prepare to be the center of attention, especially when paired with the matching shirt, which features a bandana hem and slinky spaghetti straps in the spirit of Y2K style.

4. Solid Button Detail Lace Trim Biker Shorts


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This modest (at least in comparison to an extravagant aesthetic) design is elevated by the addition of feminine lace details that bring a smile to the wearer’s face.

Things to Remember


We won’t emphasize the obvious any further, but the word “shorts” gives it away. Booty is the shortest, and biking is the longest; the range is rather narrow. You won’t get teased if you wear a stylish pair that finishes just above the knees (in fact, Bermuda shorts are very on-trend right now) or if you wear a pair of boxer shorts that are so tiny that they barely cover your buttocks in today’s cycle of infinite trends. Wearing shorts that end at the mid-calf is a safe bet that may be worn anywhere (including the office). The touch-your-toes test (or the bend-and-snap test, if you’re feeling fancy) is a good way to see if you can get down on one knee without risking indecent exposure. Raise your hand if your mother insists that you do this before attending the dance for those under the age of 18. (I am the one with my hand up in elementary school).


Our experts’ top pick for warm weather was airy linens because of their low weight (perfect for hot days) and ease of packing (personally, I think no one in this day and age should have to iron). Silk is another go-to; it has natural characteristics that keep you cool in hot and humid weather and trap heat on cooler days, making it a true fashion miracle. Look for Spandex or elastane, and avoid wool or synthetics, which trap sweat and don’t allow the skin to breathe. This is especially the case if you prefer a more tailored look than, for instance, a pair of loose-fitting boxers. Wintertime is when I’ll be on the prowl for the ideal pair of knitted shorts, so you’ll have to ask again then.


Not that I’m attempting to imply that cycling is the sole appropriate context for riding shorts (full disclosure: I have never ridden a bike and am hence incapable of making such a claim). Now you know why I go to the gym, but when it comes to choosing the right shorts for you, it’s important to think about where you plan on wearing them. Getting around the city and dealing with sweaty public transportation, even if you don’t intend to run a 5K in your fitted shorts, is, in my experience, not dissimilar to running a little marathon. Again, natural fibers like linen and cotton are ideal, as are those with a good deal of elasticity for comfort and mobility. Choose technical fabrics and sweat-wicking components for activities with more intensity than yoga and pilates. Additions like mesh panels, cutouts, and vents work wonders for allowing air flow.