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The Best Pairs Of Shoes That Look Great With Flare Jeans

It occurred, despite the complaints of millennials: skinny jeans are now relegated to the back of our closets, giving way to wide-leg pairs as the new must-have. We’re all for alternatives that are roomier and simpler to pull on, but shoes have kept us from totally embracing the trend. How about the question of footwear: what do you recommend for wearing with flared jeans? Sneakers? Loafers? Boots? Exactly how should we update these vintage bottoms in the present day? In this article, you will discover the answers to those questions, and find the best pairs of shoes that look great with flare jeans.

The answer is “yes” to all of the above, and we have the pictorial evidence to back up our assertion. If you’re planning on wearing flared jeans, scroll down to check out all the different shoe types that might look amazing with them, and then get a pair that is similar from your closet.

1. Knit Band Wedge Platform Open Toe Slider Sandals



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Instead of choosing between two different styles, why not blend them? There will be no dragging of your flared jeans thanks to the extra height provided by platform shoes, and they are here to stay.

2. Ruched Stiletto Heel Pointed Toe Mid-calf Chambray Boots


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Pointed toe boots will give your flared jeans an evening-appropriate vibe. A pair of patterned or brightly colored western boots would also make a bold statement.

3. Rhinestone Stiletto Heeled Mule Sandals


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Heels, like platforms, will help you look taller, and when paired with flared jeans, they’ll have a more put-together vibe. Strappy sandals that reveal a large portion of the foot produce an optical illusion of longer legs. Pointed-toe heels, a shoe style favored by superstars like Rihanna and Hailey Bieber, will have the same result.

4. Color Splicing Casual Chunky Sports Shoes


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To answer your question, sure, you can wear your favorite sneakers with your flared jeans. We choose classic cuts or the bulky dad look. Pants should always be chosen such that the bottom hem falls at or just below the ankle; this will avoid the hem from snagging on the ground as you walk.

5. Buckle Detail Flatform Ankle Strap Sandals


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When the weather is warmer, a pair of sports sandals or flip flops is a great complement to your flared jeans because they will keep your feet cool without sacrificing style.