In India, ASHA means “hope” and “wish”, in Swahili it means “life”, and in Hindu it means “gift from God”. We chose the name “ASHA” and wish to bring hope to the lives we touch, because regardless of the situation, we all are gifts from God.

You, me, we are in love. But thinking about the women that are going through difficult times and in abusive relationships kill us from inside.  That’s why the team “ASHA” wants to contribute however much we could, to help one person at a time. ASHA is not a nonprofit, but we believe that not only nonprofit can help people.  All people caring others should be able to contribute however possible.  If you agree, join us today!  “ASHA” is donating jewelry to women who are getting back to work, just so they can walk in the job with a little more confidence.  Our effort is limited, join us and help women in need.  With any jewelry of your donation purchased from us, we will donate the same value jewelry to Star of Hope.  Asian, African, American, doesn’t matter, women care for women! 

You can also donate your old jewelry to us and we will happily fix it and pass on to Star of Hope.

Women care for women, love for all!