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Stylish Plus Size Sweater and Jacket For Christmas

Long coats or maxi coats are currently fashionable, and I think that life can’t get any better! Why? Because the greatest way to stay warm during the chilly winter days is to wear a long coat. Long coats will completely envelop you and keep you toasty and cozy. In order to do that, I’ll provide you some wardrobe suggestions for how to wear long coats this winter.

A long coat is a fantastic investment, whether it’s black, grey, or camel, because a high-quality one will last you for many years. Long coats can also be used to style a variety of winter outfits. You may pair them with a sweatshirt and leather jacket or with your favorite sweater and denim jacket, for instance. Yes, long coats are necessary for layering throughout the cold.

1. Colorblock Contrast Drawstring Pocket Hooded Drop Shoulder Sweatshirt

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The ideal straightforward yet seductive Coat costume consists of a bright green sweater worn over black yoga trousers and finished with white fingernails. This look is perfect for heading out for a winter evening by mixing this auburn coat with light makeups, accented with black lipsticks and eyeliner. Use the code NEW15 to get 15% discount for all items, valid until December 31, 2022.

2. Elk Geometric Pointelle Knit Round Neck Jacquard Knit Top

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Combine this holiday sweater with slim jeans for a casual fall style. Add a knee-length camel coat for warmth on chilly days and a touch of sophistication. The earth tones of the coat and outfit are contrasted by the hard blacks in the handbag, shoes, and shades. To get $30 off for orders $199, use the code Holiday30, valid until December 31, 2022.

3. Gingham Fuzzy Trim Button Front Blazer

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Trench coats are available for every type of weather, but you must look for the proper fabric. You can also wear them to parties. No matter what the occasion or season, we don’t want you to miss out on this incredible sheer trench coat. Use the code Holiday25 to get $25 discount for $159 purchase.