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Outfits You Can Wear To A Football Game

There’s a lot more to it than T-shirts and denim.

Sunday afternoons spent in a raucous group, either watching the game or tailgating before it, hold a special place in the hearts of football enthusiasts. Planning an outfit for a football game may be a fun way to experiment with fall fashions, regardless of your interest in the sport.

Even though the bleachers aren’t exactly the height of fashion, a sports venue isn’t devoid of chic. Whether you’re a football fan, there are endless ways to get a charming and casual look while watching the game. So that you can see that this is true, I have listed some outfits that came to mind.

1. Lantern Sleeve Zip Front Teddy Coat


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Obviously, you should do this. Wearing your team’s shirt, or even just any jersey, is the simplest uniform you can throw together in a hurry for a football game. Denim bottoms and shoes that match the color scheme you’re going for are a safe bet for this style.

The jersey or team sweatshirt can be dressed up by going for an oversized fit and wearing it as a dress (by tying the sleeves of a denim jacket at the waist to cinch and enhance your figure; then swap out your sneakers for a pair of boots).

2. Gingham Long Sleeve Sweater Dress


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Football fans make up only a minority of those who watch or go to games. Perhaps you’ve decided to come because of the quality of the company or the food. There’s no need to pretend to be a fan if you’re not actually pulling for a particular club. Dress as you would for a fall outing, in a favorite comfortable sweater dress, for example.

3. Bowknot Decor Button Front Casual Cardigan


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If Gossip Girl High School had a football team, the Met Steps would have met their match in the school’s bleachers. Stylish females of Constance Billard would wear fashionable varsity sweaters with pleated skirts, quilted vests, and button-down collared shirts underneath. The pinnacle of athletic preppiness is the varsity V-neck pullover or cardigan. If you want to take your wardrobe to the next level, consider a skirt with knee-high socks or experiment with other colors and patterns on your bottom half. They are perfect for spicing up your favorite pair of jeans for the game.

4. Plaid Print Lantern Sleeve Button Design Shacket


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You can’t go wrong with flannel when planning what to dress to a football game. Fans of the season’s sport will recognize this autumnal staple and will want to wear it as an alternative to a jacket over a t-shirt, under a vest, or tied at the waist.

5. Letter Embroidery Contrast Paneled Bomber Jacket


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A varsity jacket is another staple piece of football apparel. Instead of wearing a jersey underneath, casual tees look great with a bomber jacket for a more streamlined aesthetic.

However you feel about slim jeans, when the weather allows it, my go-to outfit is a bulky jacket and a pair of leggings or biker shorts. Put on some sneakers if you want to keep things casual, or a pair of clunky combat boots if you want to toughen things up a bit.