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I’ve Found All The 2022 Trends Already—Pay Attention to These 3

All The 2022 Trends

In case you’re ever curious as to what styles are now trending, a visit to Dresslily’s newly released products can fill you in. Many people may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of things available. But as someone who visits the site on a daily basis in search of employment, I’m used to traversing each page with a steely resolve and a sharp eye. I was able to identify which 2022 trends the retailer is currently emphasizing among the few thousand products they carry.

Dresslily follows a wide variety of fashion trends, but there is always a handful to which they pay special attention. Below are some items to help you get ready to update and freshen your wardrobe, ranging from floral accessories to saturated statement pieces. Better yet, several of these recommendations can be had for less than $150. I have started shopping, so if you want to see what I’ve picked out, just keep scrolling down.


This year has seen a huge increase in the popularity of maxi lengths, and Dresslily has taken note. Everything from classic satin skirts to trendy leather and asymmetrical styles can be found at this store.

Shop here: Flower Print Sundress Crisscross Vacation Maxi Dress



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Once considered a cheesy fad of the 1980s, metallics have since outlived that stigma. The fad has become a quick and easy way to distinguish your style from the crowd.

Shop here: Metallic Thread Plunging Tulip Hem Dress


All The 2022 Trends

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Although the sheer trend can be difficult to try on (especially after seeing the red carpet and runway versions), Dresslily’s takes a more approachable tack.

Shop here: See Thru Flower Lace Top Long Sleeve Mock Neck Sheer Top


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