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Incerunmen’s Bests: Look Your Best At Upcoming Party Seasons

Put away the tacky sweater and bring out your best holiday attire.

In light of the reinstatement of traditional Christmas celebrations, there is no reason to avoid making an effort to be with friends and family this year. Here are the pieces that will make you the center of attention at holiday parties, whether you want to do so with a new overshirt or a pair of smart-casual slacks – or both.

1. Mens Double Zipper Ribbed Knit Slim-Fit Tank


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Now a standard in most men’s closets, the half-zip offers a more modern alternative to the traditional crew neck and works well for a wide variety of social events, including after-work drinks, holiday dinners, and other celebrations. All you need is a pair of your favorite sneakers and a pair of simple, loose-fitting pants to complete the look.

2. Mens Patchwork Long Straps Overall Jumpsuit


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A subtle homage to the season through Scandi-inspired Fair Isle knitwear is what we’re talking about, rather than the novelty sort you’d often see around the workplace throughout December. They are well-balanced and undeniably fashionable, proving once and for all that you are no Grinch. Just can’t work up the nerve? Choose something thick and toasty.

3. Mens Solid Japan Long Sleeve Jacket


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Overshirts and zip-down bomber jackets are great options if a traditional suit isn’t required but you still want to look put together. The former, with its sharp collar, will instantly upgrade a plain white tee, while the latter, with its dark color and metal hardware, will make you feel wiser than you did when you were wearing the nylon version of the bomber you probably had as a kid. Both are sleek enough to wear under a bulky winter coat or a tailored outerwear while yet looking good with jeans. Win-win.

4. Mens Crinkle Texture Collarless Long Sleeve Shirt


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If a button-down shirt and tie feel too stuffy this December, long-sleeved T-shirts and polo shirts will be your best buddy (and well beyond). Keep the sizing slim for a deliberate, tailored silhouette and wear them under a holiday sweater or zip-down bomber with jeans.