Helmut Lang’s New York Fashion Week FW24 collection wins the internet: “This is so golden”

Helmut Lang exhibited its Fall/Winter 2024 collection during New York Fashion Week 2024. The renowned fashion label offered numerous silhouettes, bags, footwear, headgears, and more items as part of this collection. Peter Do, the brand’s creative director, designed this collection which is titled “Protection vs. Projection.”

With open arms, fans embraced this collection. A member of the internet community remarked on how much they loved Peter’s designs:

One of the fan remarked (Image via Instagram/@helmutlang)One of the fan remarked (Image via Instagram/@helmutlang)” srcset=”https://static.beescdn.com/shopwithasha.com/2024/02/20240212020730388.jpg?w=190 190w, https://static.beescdn.com/shopwithasha.com/2024/02/20240212020730388.jpg?w=720 720w, https://static.beescdn.com/shopwithasha.com/2024/02/20240212020730388.jpg?w=840 840w, https://static.beescdn.com/shopwithasha.com/2024/02/20240212020730388.jpg?w=1045 1045w, https://static.beescdn.com/shopwithasha.com/2024/02/20240212020730388.jpg?w=1200 1200w, https://static.beescdn.com/shopwithasha.com/2024/02/20240212020730388.jpg?w=1460 1460w, https://static.beescdn.com/shopwithasha.com/2024/02/20240212020730388.jpg?w=1600 1600w, https://static.beescdn.com/shopwithasha.com/2024/02/20240212020730388.jpg 1920w”>
One of the fan remarked (Image via Instagram/@helmutlang)

More details about Helmut Lang’s FW24 collection at New York Fashion Week 2024

Titled “Protection vs. Projection,” Helmut Lang’s FW24 collection at New York Fashion Week 2024 offers lacking defensive mechanisms—face shields, cocooning zippers, waterproof hoods, and bulletproof materials. As highlighted by the fashion label, one never know when they might need them.

Helmut Lang brings peace of mind to a world where there is so much anarchy and doubt. Peter Do, creative director, filled in that system gap for Fall/Winter 2024 with an ensemble that prioritizes safety without compromising style.

Items in the “Protection vs. Projection” collection exclude any kind of protective gear, such as face shields, bulletproof fabrics, waterproof hoods, or cocooning zippers. Because in this modern world, their usefulness is always unpredictable.

Incorporating bulletproof additions, the new silk bubble-wrap fabric is fashioned into vests, bomber jackets, and pants.

Peter Do mentions that wool outerwear and padded nylon puffers contain protective headgear. The cushioning of knitwear is reminiscent of astronaut gear: incredibly protective and highly adaptive.

Zipped cashmere trousers, sweaters, and hoodies “reveal” and “constrict” the wearer’s figure. Footwear has been “galvanized” and “weaponized.” It is the designer’s belief that “predicting unpredictability” is the end goal.

No matter how daring the label is, the modern Helmut Lang vibe is still there in Do’s most recent creations.

Gowns are made of figure-flattering hosiery jersey and decorated with designs of Hong Kong’s iconic red, white, and blue bag. Denim, handmade leather, and jacquard knits are all included.

Bold lapel-like collars that spread out to adorn the collarbones as well as the faces of those who wear them are a feature of a number of leather coats. Do emphasizes “beauty” and “resilience” in this context.

The description of the latest Helmut Lang FW24 collection on the brand’s official website mentions

“The way we speak is the way we live. The way we live determines the way we dress. The way we dress is the way we equip ourselves. The way we equip ourselves is the way we protect ourselves. The way we protect ourselves is the way we define: Armor or Adornment?”

It further continues:

“The way we define armor or adornment is the way we use wit. The way we use wit reveals the way we see the world. The way we see the world affects the way we love ourselves. The way we love ourselves determines the way we love others.”

This collection that Helmut Lang exhibited for FW24 received a lot of appreciation from internet users. Some of them hailed this collection as a masterpiece, while others admired Peter Do’s vision and idea behind the collection.

More reactions from fans (Image via Instagram/@helmutlang)More reactions from fans (Image via Instagram/@helmutlang)” srcset=”https://static.beescdn.com/shopwithasha.com/2024/02/20240212020737707.jpg?w=190 190w, https://static.beescdn.com/shopwithasha.com/2024/02/20240212020737707.jpg?w=720 720w, https://static.beescdn.com/shopwithasha.com/2024/02/20240212020737707.jpg?w=840 840w, https://static.beescdn.com/shopwithasha.com/2024/02/20240212020737707.jpg?w=1045 1045w, https://static.beescdn.com/shopwithasha.com/2024/02/20240212020737707.jpg?w=1200 1200w, https://static.beescdn.com/shopwithasha.com/2024/02/20240212020737707.jpg?w=1460 1460w, https://static.beescdn.com/shopwithasha.com/2024/02/20240212020737707.jpg?w=1600 1600w, https://static.beescdn.com/shopwithasha.com/2024/02/20240212020737707.jpg 1920w”>
More reactions from fans (Image via Instagram/@helmutlang)
Netizens praised the brand's FW24 collection (Image via Instagram/@helmutlang)Netizens praised the brand's FW24 collection (Image via Instagram/@helmutlang)” srcset=”https://static.beescdn.com/shopwithasha.com/2024/02/20240212020744425.jpg?w=190 190w, https://static.beescdn.com/shopwithasha.com/2024/02/20240212020744425.jpg?w=720 720w, https://static.beescdn.com/shopwithasha.com/2024/02/20240212020744425.jpg?w=840 840w, https://static.beescdn.com/shopwithasha.com/2024/02/20240212020744425.jpg?w=1045 1045w, https://static.beescdn.com/shopwithasha.com/2024/02/20240212020744425.jpg?w=1200 1200w, https://static.beescdn.com/shopwithasha.com/2024/02/20240212020744425.jpg?w=1460 1460w, https://static.beescdn.com/shopwithasha.com/2024/02/20240212020744425.jpg?w=1600 1600w, https://static.beescdn.com/shopwithasha.com/2024/02/20240212020744425.jpg 1920w”>
Netizens praised the brand’s FW24 collection (Image via Instagram/@helmutlang)

A number of people expressed their admiration for the designs of the collection’s bags, while others appeared to be fascinated by the designs of the shoes. There was one of them who described it as “truly interesting,” and there were a few of them obsessed with the collection.

Interested readers can surely have a detailed look at all the designs in this FW24 collection via the brand’s official website.

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