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Harry Style’s Outlandish Outfit in The Premiere of “My Policeman”

With his Halloween makeover as Greased Lightning still fresh in his mind, Harry Styles attended the Los Angeles premiere of “My Policeman” wearing the hat of a Gucci brand ambassador. For his turn in front of the cameras, the artist ditched his typical ’70s-leaning style in favor of minimal, modernistic suiting.

Harry Styles at the Los Angeles premiere of My Policeman held at Regency Bruin Theatre on November 1 2022 in Los Angeles...

He opted for a round neckline instead of an elongated one. Flares replaced slim-cut trousers, and the double-breasted jacket was abandoned in favor of a belt. Rather than a music celebrity, we have Harry Styles, an actor, here to report for duty.

Harry’s all-black Gucci outfit did have an air of policeman about it. The press uniform he wore brought to mind images of him as Tom, a police officer in Brighton who gets caught in a love triangle in Michael Grandage’s 1950s-set thriller.

It’s true that the suit was influenced by someone other than police officers. The sleek set is from Alessandro Michele’s Twinsburg collection for Gucci spring/summer 2023, which was influenced by his “two mothers,” Eralda and Giuliana.

Using a pair of identical twins to showcase Harry’s minimalist two-piece in Milan, the creative director probed the theme of self. Harry, one of the most famous singers in the world, may have found some truth in this paradox, given that he is also a private 28-year-old trying to keep his personal life a secret.

Alessandro Michele’s cross-cultural and decade-spanning references never feel forced on Harry Styles, even if he is contractually obligated to wear the latest Gucci collections as a house collaborator. There’s no wrong way to keep us guessing on the red carpet, whether it’s through a Grease homage, an experimental merman costume, or a minimalist getup.

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