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Fashionable Attires For The 40+ Dating Scene

Fashionable Attires For The 40+

He called you up earlier today to ask you out on a date this coming weekend. Show that you are a modern lady by putting your best foot forward. You may not have gone on a date in a while, or you may feel like you’re in a fashion rut and could use some new ideas. Putting aside your fears and doubts, there are steps you can take to project the best version of yourself. Including one of the fashionable attires for the 40+ in the dating scene, you will find in this article.

It goes without saying that the foundation of a good first impression is found within. When your body and mind are healthy, you automatically look and feel better. Maintain a regular exercise routine, eat healthily, and get plenty of sleep each night to promote good health. You’ll feel confident in the clothes you love when you take care of yourself.

If you’re in your forties and wondering what to wear for a date, read this!

First, a quick list of dos and don’ts, with explanations to follow:


  • Be sure your hairdo reflects your progressive outlook. Changing the location of your part or adding layers to your hairdo can give you a lot of leeway in terms of your clothing and accessory options before you even set foot in a salon.
  • Think about if you’re more of a rectangle, apple, hourglass, or pear when you shop. Choose an outfit that flatters your figure.
  • Dresses are more convenient than pants since they highlight your waist and make you seem and feel more feminine.
  • Wearing shirts with skirts or pants can help define your figure, but it’s important to do so in a way that’s flattering and complements your own style.
  • Dresses and skirts should hit at or just below the knee, and the waist should be cinched no matter the wearer’s size.
  • Do your best to dress your age. Wearing clothing that fits your age range with self-assurance will do wonders for your appearance.
  • Wear what makes you feel confident and at ease while still looking presentable. Think about trying shapewear if you want more defined curves.
  • If it’s a fancy dinner date, dress to impress by putting your best fashion foot forward. Dressing down for a coffee date still requires some effort, so be sure to accessorize and wear garments with a smooth, inviting texture to maintain your feminine charm.
  • Maintain neat and clean hands and feet.
  • Consider enhancing your features by applying different eye shadows to draw attention to your eyes and shaping your brows to frame your face. Unless you’re intentionally matching your bright lip color to the rest of your clothing, stick to neutral-looking cosmetics and lipsticks.


  • Keep your hair pulled back or in a tight bun.
  • Regardless of your body type, you should dress in turtlenecks and loose-fitting garments.
  • Do not draw unnecessary attention to yourself by wearing tight, low-cut dresses or shirts.
  • Using an excessive amount of jewelry or other adornments.
  • Neither jewelry nor subtle accessories are required.
  • Don boring clothes or garish prints to stand out.
  • Act like you’re 20 years old, even if that’s not the case.
  • Put on some cumbersome footwear that will make your ensemble look unbalanced.
  • Instead of traditional pants, try on some trendy yoga pants or leggings.
  • Putting yourself first by practicing good hygiene is out.
  • Use an excessive amount of cosmetics, and you will end up looking overdone.


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Even though there are a plethora of dress styles and shapes available, the wrap dress is the most adaptable. To avoid detracting from the dress itself, keep your accessories minimal, opting instead for a statement necklace and matching earrings and a pair of light, airy sandals. Shirt dresses are a great alternative to dresses if you’re uncomfortable donning one on your date.

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No of your size, it’s important to define your waist. Some basic guidelines to follow that will help you seem your age.

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Only wear your yoga pants on hikes and to the gym. As a general guideline, if you have to wonder if the clothes you’re wearing are appropriate for your age, they probably aren’t.

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You shouldn’t just wear comfy clothes; your feet need to be comfortable, too. If you need to spruce up an outfit, save your high heels for special occasions and try a wedge or a pair of shoes with flirtatious ties instead. You shouldn’t wear your hiking boots to a date unless you’re actually going to the mountains. Sneakers are a failsafe footwear choice that complements a wide variety of date outfits.