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Fashion Trends That Have Come So Far To Define 2022

As 2022 approached, we were in a unique period of style: As a whole, they represent an aesthetic middle ground between casual dress and formal attire. At this juncture, we see both glittery clubwear and large, athletic silhouettes perfect for lounging in (hi, catsuits).

Color was also in style in 2022, manifested in the form of bright, edgy handbags that signify an infusion of optimism and short, slinky skirts and micro jackets that announce we’ve come out of hiding.

Check out the defining styles of the year, and buy them all while you’re at it.


The catsuit is one of the most surprising fashion statements of the year. Know that everyone from Hailey Bieber to Lizzo has previously worn it in the wild, lest you confine it to runway only. It’s like your go-to yoga onesie got a dramatic makeover for the evening.

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The long, form-fitting turtleneck dress conceals several secrets. It’s sophisticated and alluring, and it works as well with tall boots and flats. It’s reminiscent of nearly all of Yves Saint Laurent’s muses and works beautifully as a canvas for the designer’s finest jewelry and belts.

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Our collective tolerance for this continuous pandemic is expanding to the size of a jacket. Means very diminutive in size. A leaner, more fitted silhouette is the way to go. The micro blazer allows for an abundance of different outfit combinations, from slim jeans to miniskirts.

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Get a jump on next year by shopping the most innovative ideas and timeless styles that won’t be going anywhere soon.