Fashion Blog: Continue To Copy Whatever Blake Lively Does

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By far my favorite quality that Taylor Swift possesses is that she’s best friends with Blake Lively. As a result she drags the goddess to every big event she attends. The world needs more Blake Lively and lately we’ve been getting her thanks to Taylor. Tremendous news for all. 

The chain reaction to that is Ryan Reynolds continuously has no idea where his wife is. Big moment last night with the Deadpool-Wolverine trailer dropping. No Blake to be found in the Reynolds residence. 

Where was Blake last night? She was in Vegas of course rooting her ass off for a Chiefs W. If I didn’t know any better I’d say she was dating the Chiefs player based on her reactions all night. That’s a ride or die friend everyone needs. 

Now while I’m not exactly a man of high end fashion, I do recognize greatness. I continue to say on this forum that a good rule to follow is to simply just do whatever Blake does. See below and you’ll understand why. 

Some might question a white tank top under a red Adidas jumpsuit for the Super Bowl while sitting in the Kelce suite with all eyes on you, but not for Blake. 

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Pretty sure there’s nothing this woman can’t pull off. If she went out there covered in mud she’d somehow look great. Have her stand there in a cardboard box and she’d turn heads. Adidas stock is green this morning and I think I know why. 

I’m not proud of the amount of times I’ve watched Blake Lively scream “shut the fuck up” after a big Chiefs play. 

There should have been a box on the TV following her and her only. 

More Blake Lively at big sports games and life will be better. 

Ryan Reynolds, you bastard. 

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