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Dark-Rooted Wigs Are A Huge Hit in 2022

You’ve probably heard of a lot of different hair coloring methods, but by mid-2022, you can’t have missed the rise of Dark Roots hair color.

If you’re a salon regular who dyes your hair often and your natural color is black or another dark shade, you probably despise the prospect of growing out new hair because it will be a different hue from the colour you used. Hair’s natural color will spread around the head as it matures, making your desired dye job look uneven. Formerly, fashionistas considered it a huge no-no to wear your hair in its natural hue.

More and more people, however, are rejecting this outdated custom and prejudice in favor of proudly displaying their natural hair color. Rooted hair is being proudly displayed by today’s generation.

We’ve listed the four colors we think are the best options for you below.

1. UNice 1B/613 Blonde Ombre 13×4 Lace Front Shoulder Length Bob Wig


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This situation was probably the most frustrating for those who favored a full head of light blonde hair, but with the current fashion trend, many individuals are changing their thoughts and learning to accept this phenomenon. The wig industry has also started this trend. Wigs in this shade are sure to be a popular party accessory because to the depth of color they exude after dark, making them perfect for weekend getaways and social events.

2. UNice Dark Roots Brown with Honey Blonde Highlights Wavy Wig


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This tone is incredibly cool and dashing for hair. Gray is outside the realm of fashion and more of a personal preference, and this gray is deep and dimensional, with black ash roots and magnificent threads of silver interwoven in a highly layered and dynamic way. People that choose for this hue often wear their hair in a Pixie cut or a bob with more movement in the layers.

3. UNice Shadow Root Platinum Blonde Ombre Wavy Wig


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I think you’ll like honey blonde or sandy blonde in the fall, when you’re going back to school. In contrast to wigs that are the same color or texture all over the head (including the roots), which make it look as though your hair would have grown out naturally, Dark Roots and blonde wigs look more natural and unassuming. Wear this wig to events where your relaxed, generous, and understated air of luxury is desired.

4. UNice Dark Roots Medium Brown Hair with Highlights Wavy Wig


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When you wear this shade, people will think you’re super chic and gorgeous. If silver is the dominant hue, then those who prefer lighter shades should steer clear. At the same time, the roots are a dark gray to black shade that fades wonderfully with the main hair color, accomplishing a smooth gradual transition and keeping a good contrast with the main hair color, resulting in a very fresh, sharp, and handsome appearance. Unlike the aforementioned silver and platinum tones, this ice hue is entirely unique. The ice hue, which appears white at first glance, is actually considerably more high-key than the silver and platinum colors, making it a brighter shade than both of them.

A dark, smudged root used to be every blonde’s worst nightmare, but in recent years it’s become a blonde hair color fad. You should always let a professional stylist handle the root blending and hair toning for the most appealing results.