Curtain Bangs, An Outdated Style That’s Making A Comeback

Different fashions and fads from the previous decade periodically reemerge. The return of low-maintenance trends like Curtain Bangs is why we exist.

Farah Fawcett, Goldie Hawn, and Brigitte Bardot, all iconic figures in the 60s and 70s, sported the same curtain bangs. They made for a whimsical, carefree style that was quite different from the conventionally heavy bangs of the time. The iconic bangs, reimagined in this way, have returned. The reason for this is that it is universally flattering, adaptable, and simple to style. These bangs are versatile enough to be worn both neatly and wildly.

How Adaptable Are Curtain Bangs?


That’s one of the things that gives them their greatness. To choose which version of the trend is ideal for you, study several current instances. In the following, we shall discuss the curtain bangs and the various ways they can be worn.

A variety of bangs are available. But the curtain bangs, in particular, are a split-fringe style designed to encircle the face. The way in which farewells frame a person’s face is reminiscent of how curtains frame a window, hence the name.

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If you have thick hair, this bang style will frame your face beautifully and make your oval face appear less round. We can clearly see the difference between the straight bangs and the curly bob.

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Even if you’re not attending a red carpet event, a date or girls’ night out calls for a beautiful appearance, complete with curtain bangs. Boost the volume and get a beautiful wavy texture with hairspray.

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Two beautiful curtain strips have been used with a low ponytail to create this look. It would be stunning with lavender silver highlights. It’s impossible to go wrong with this coastal royalty look.

If cut correctly, curtain bangs are an excellent method to disguise a broad forehead, draw attention to your best facial features, and draw the eye upwards to your cheekbones. There isn’t a facial shape that wouldn’t look fantastic with curtain bangs. Finding a good hairstylist who can help you choose out the right bangs is easy.