Who is ASHA?

Located at the heart of Rice Village in Houston, our store carries a unique fashion line, handmade Jewelry, Crochets, hand genuine leather bags, and more.  No matter who you are shopping for, you will find something for every part of your life. Our store may be limited, but luckily, the internet gives us a much bigger stage.  We are featuring all our best selections that are not able to fit into our small store.  Here, you may select your favorite product at the convenience of your fingertip. (We may receive a commission from your selection, but that’s not the reason we make the selections, they are carefully picked to our own taste.)  “What is Asha?”  Many people ask.  In India, Asha means “hope” and “wish”, and in Hindu, it means “gift from God”. We chose the name “ASHA” and wish to bring hope to the lives we touch because regardless of the situation, we all are gifts from God.

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Address: 2431 Rice Blvd., Houston, TX 77005

Store Phone: 832-742-5158

Store eMail: [email protected]