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Do you go to your closet each morning and look around, trying to come up with something to wear? I either do that, or I used to be guilty of wearing the same things over and over again just because I knew the outfit looked good. There is nothing wrong with wearing the same outfit more than once, but switching things up is what keeps your outfits interesting. Come along with me, and get ready with me this morning.

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There are outfits I like better than others, but I can always find something about the outfit I like and tweak it the next time. That is what I would do with this outfit. I call these outfits my Chicken and Dumplings outfits. I love all the parts, but they don’t go together the best. Lol!

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Shaping Lip Liner Makeup, Dusty Rose | Revlon ColorStay Satin Ink, 008 | Maybelline Lifter Gloss, Ice | Panorama Smudge Resistant Mascara, Blackest Black

I usually lay out the outfit I want to wear on the bed and see if it is pleasing to the eye. Then, I put on my makeup before getting dressed. I finish off my makeup with a lip liner, lipstain, and a tiny bit of gloss. I’ve been using this trio of products for a while, and I like the neutral color, which is more mauve than brown. I’m trying a new mascara, and I admit to being shocked at how well it performed right out of the tube. It usually takes a couple of uses before the mascara works properly, but this one was good right away. I only use one coat of mascara because I don’t like clumpy lashes, and this one really coated well and stayed put all day long.

I wanted to create an elevated casual look by pairing this navy Cardigan Sweater with a pair of Straight Chino Pants. I love wearing navy and khaki together, so I thought this would be an outfit that was a home run…instead, it was a double.

I like this cardigan sweater, but I don’t love it. The sweater isn’t right for the look I was after and looks “off” when worn with the chinos. I also think I would have liked the sweater if I had been longer and if I had ordered a larger size. It looks like the sweater is almost sold out in all colors, so I’ll have to send this one back. When I was looking on the website to reorder, I came across a few other options that I think would work even better. They aren’t as dressy and would suit the chinos better.

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The chinos fit me well, and I even like the look of them from the back. They are a little loose, but I wouldn’t want them any tighter. The sweater was too short and boxy for the chinos, but they would look great with a button-up shirt and a denim jacket.

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While I like ALL the parts of this outfit, I think it would be better worn with other items. I love that each of these items is versatile and can be worn in lots of ways. Let me know what you think. Am I being too critical, or do you agree that this is a Chicken and Dumpling outfit?

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