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BOHO Style Clothing Stylish Trend In 2022

The term “boho,” an abbreviation of “bohemian,” describes a fashion movement that originated in the 1960s and 1970s among the counterculture’s free thinkers and hippies. Long, loose, or tiered skirts and dresses are signature pieces of the Boho fashion aesthetic, as are peasant blouses, ethnic details like tunics or wood jewelry, embroidery, beading, fringed handbags, and jeweled or adorned flat sandals (or flat ankle boots). The style is typically multicolored and layered.

Boho fashion, or boho fashion to give it its full name, has been around for centuries, initially being used to describe the “exotic” tastes of creative types like musicians and writers: developing into a fashion movement that currently comprises top-tier gowns and indispensable basics. Relaxed, hippy-chic silhouettes with a hint to craftsmanship, rich hues, and loads of detailing define today’s iteration of the trend.

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The foundation of every boho outfit should be a garment with a flowery or patterned pattern. So, if you’re a fan of fantastic dresses, this style is one that you can simply include into your closet and use for a wide variety of occasions, from a first date to a bridal shower. However, others may find the boho preference for maxi length to be impractical and/or too much fabric.

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When shopping for a top in the boho style, look for one with a loose cut, crochet details, and vintage designs and decorations. While crop tops are a part of this design, a kaftan in a tunic cut can be worn instead if the wearer is uncomfortable baring her stomach. Kaftans are a great alternative for women of all shapes and sizes because of its form-skimming design.

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Whether you’re spending the day lounging in the garden, dressing up for a special occasion, or checking out the newest bands at a music festival, a boho capsule wardrobe is simple to put together and the right way to dress for the season. The boho style is not only adaptable, but also flattering on a wide range of body types, from hourglass to pear.

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The wearability of this boho essential makes it ideal for both brunch and the beach. Over your favorite pair of jeans or a slip dress, this is one of the nicest beach cover-ups you can wear out. Kaftans also make the greatest small dresses since you can nip them in with a belt.