If you see a dapper Englishman dressed in a stylish coat, chances are pretty good he bought it from fashion brand Private White V.C. The brand is named after a war hero who fought in World War I, and is the inspiration for Bentley’s latest one-of-one creation.

Private Jack White (née Jacob Weiss) is the namesake behind the brand and served in Gallipoli and Mesopotamia. In 1917, his battalion was attempting to cross a river when it came under machine gun fire. White tied a copper telephone wire to his boat, jumped overboard, and swam the boat to shore.

Tragically, most of his battalion died in the incident, but he managed to save his officer’s life and recover valuable supplies. In honor of his bravery, Private White was given the Victoria Cross, and after returning home, he started an apprenticeship at a local raincoat maker, and by 1937 owned the company outright, which was renamed after him.

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Bentley’s Latest One-Off Bentayga Is Inspired By Private White V.C. Fashion Brand And War Hero Founder

To celebrate the private’s exploits, Bentley’s in-house customization department, Mulliner, modified a Bentayga Azure for a local customer (who has not been named). As a nod to the telephone wire Private White used to rescue his officer, the SUV is filled with copper detailing, including the seat piping, the embroidery, and the organ stops.

In addition, the headrests are embroidered with the Victoria Cross emblem, and the seat backs have the Private White V.C. brand’s lettering stitched into them. On the dashboard, Mulliner has included the outline of “Cottenham House,” the factory where the brand’s clothes are made.

Bentley’s team also included loose cushions finished in cashmere woven in Lancashire that feature Private White’s regimental blanket stripe. Finally, the Bentayga’s door pockets include an embroidered bulldog, which is the fashion brand’s unofficial mascot.

Outside, the SUV is painted in a shade of blue called Dark Sapphire with the Blackline spec detailing, and it gets 22-inch bright machined color-matched wheels, as well as Private White V.C. badging throughout.

Sadly, you can’t buy one of this special Bentayga because there’s only one, and it’s already spoken for. In addition to the SUV, the buyer also got a special capsule collection of bespoke clothing from Private White V.C.