Add These Three Bras To Your Underwear Collection

It can be difficult to put together the ideal wardrobe. Our advice for revving up your wardrobe is to first take stock of the items you reach for most often, then consider which of those items truly excite you. Stylish staples include button-down shirts, tailored pants, jeans, tees, and figure-hugging dresses for formal events and other special occasions, accessorized with fun shoes and statement jewelry. Regardless of your ultimate style objective, your outfit’s foundation is the single most important part. Choosing a suitable bra is the first step.

Putting on the right undergarments is the first, most crucial step in making sure your outerwear looks great when you wear it out. The right bra can make any outfit, from a slip dress to a v-neck sweater, one you’ll want to wear again and over again. In addition, SHAPELLX is here to help you transform your underwear rack into a lethal wardrobe arsenal. The brand’s distinctive designs for ladies who wear a size D cup and up are easy to wear and can be worn beneath any outfit. In addition, there are three color options for each, so you can match them to any wardrobe. Three SHAPELLX bras that will make the rest of your wardrobe seem better.

1. CoreSculpt™ Flattering Strappy Bra


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Extra flattering with special shape-enhancing pads designed to perk up the bust, this CoreSculpt™ Flattering Strappy Bra is a favorite for comfort and versatility. Intended for low impact activities. Reach the fullest expression in this long-line bra with a strappy, open back.

2. CoreSculpt™ Supportive Ultra-Versatile Bra


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Designed to fit a fuller-figured woman like a glove, this versatile bra maximizes both confidence and comfort. With its classic balconette shape and smooth cups, it is ideal for times when you want extra coverage, natural shape, smooth lines, and no digging. Plus, the no-slip strip at the top of cups helps it to stay in place all day long.

3. CoreSculpt™ Daily Comfy Wireless Bra


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An all-day medium to high support exclusive, the CoreSculpt™ Daily Comfy Wireless Bra perfectly shapes your bust without causing any irritation or digging.