A Man’s Wardrobe Isn’t Complete Without These Four Incerunmen Staples

Obviously, we’re not suggesting that these are the only items of clothing you’ll ever need, but they should help you out with pretty much any issue you’ve had with your closet. Indeed, we have that much faith in ourselves.

A few short years ago, having a minimalist, or “capsule,” wardrobe was the ultimate fashion goal. It was an era when Silicon Valley’s elite tried to look identical day in and day out in the name of efficiency, Tesla driving, and PowerPoint presentation prowess. It was argued that having too many options was a drain on mental resources. As a result, Steve Jobs wore the same roll-neck, stonewashed trousers, and New Balance sneakers for years, and Mark Zuckerberg had a hundred of the same simple grey T-shirt. There have been countless articles written about the refined simplicity of the French wardrobe and how to put together the ideal capsule collection. When it came to aesthetics, minimalism was the norm.

To our relief, we’ve made great strides forward since then. The process of getting dressed does not have to be tedious or something that must be mastered. This is not to mean, however, that you shouldn’t have a foundation—a small set of staple pieces of clothes. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of timeless essentials that may be worn alone or as building blocks for a variety of different looks. These aren’t the only garments a man needs, but they’re the five most important ones.

1. Mens Belted Long Sleeve Casual Jumpsuit SKUJ14337


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I don’t mean to sound like a stuffy old lady who lives alone in a rambling Wiltshire manor, but sweaters really are the best. A star scorer is worth more than a handful of average ones. It’s a versatile piece of luxury that looks great with everything from chinos and sneakers to a suit jacket and, as we’ll see, even shorts and penny loafers (more on those in a second) for summer nights spent outdoors. And nothing else in your home will ever feel as plush as this.

2. Mens Side Split Striped Patchwork Loose T-Shirt SKUJ36230


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James Dean in all his black and white smoldering glory. Dark and brooding: Marlon Brando in black and white. Black and white Paul Newman blazes. You might be wondering, “What do these guys have in common?” Everything but the black and white burning. That’s right; everyone loved and looked terrific in a simple white tee. The sheer ease with which it can be implemented is almost revolutionary. It’s safe to assume that the basic white T-shirt with a crew neck and a slim, tailored cut will continue to be a cultural touchstone for at least another century.

3. Men Casual Baggy Linen Pants SKU903250


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You can’t go wrong with a pair of flexible linen pants with a crisp taper and a touch of a crop, which falls somewhere between a chino and a more classic, tailored design. Trousers may seem like a no-brainer, but finding a pair that fits perfectly and can be worn with a blazer when you want to feel put-together and with no blazer when you want to feel relaxed is surprisingly challenging. These from Incerunmen are the perfect pair for lounging around in after lunch thanks to their relaxed fit, and elastic waistband.

4. Mens Waffle Textured Long Sleeve Crop Blazer SKUJ48177


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The modern suit isn’t supposed to be boring to wear, so it shouldn’t be. The perfect unstructured blazer may be a secret clever (not too smart, but just the right amount of smart) weapon in your wardrobe, something the Italians have long championed but which has taken a bit longer to reach on these shores. Since there is no shoulder padding or canvassing on the body of this blazer, it can be worn with a T-shirt, Oxford shirt, cashmere sweater, and matching or broken-up pants. This is the suit jacket for you if you are not a suit guy but would want to wear suits on occasion.